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We Are...Records is a (r)Evolution of the senses, of the mind, of the body.

Separately we are Spivkurl (Pat Kammerer) and Love Beth Drew. Together We Are... Records, a married couple currently living in Rochester, MN. Southeastern Minnesota. We Are...Records is our creative co-operative and our home.

Two people sharing one home, two voices speaking as one. Only as individuals can we change the world; only as a collective can we incite the change that is so desperately needed. This and that and a little of the other too.

We Are...Records is how we have chosen to present our true selves in the hope that who we really are, not who they tell us we are, will get out there, will get noticed, will get heard. Seen. Touched. Loved.

It is our hope that We Are... will leave Records of what it was like to be alive at this point in existence. We won't produce your demo into a top 40 best seller. We won't make the big bucks. We will collaborate with you on an innovative new project and do our best to speak with our "authenitc voices". Loud and clear.

When Pat makes music, he goes by the name Spivkurl. He builds crazy electronic things like synthesizers and instruments that look suspiciously like art. Eventually there will be a gallery around here to visit for a mental vacation. Spivkurl is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He also has a seizure disorder. Maybe this will help to explain his music, if not his personality. Or maybe even his hairstyles.

Love doesn't have a pseudonym. She just is. She also lacks focus, discipline. She makes the things to hold and wear and read. (Sometimes she makes noise too.) She has the whole midwest vibe around her, and that's alright. She bakes vegan cookies and feeds the wild birds and animals in the yard.

You can click on the links (portals) above to take you to our projects. These are the columination of the records of our lives. If you have questions, comments, points of discussion or want to contact us to collaborate on an art/ music project, you can do so by sending an email to: iristshirt@wearerecords.com

We Are... Records, Serving you starving artist ideals since 2002!

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